In MEOLAN we have companies that offer both Complete and Selective Procurement Services. We you need to own your Marine Equipments, you need real-time professionals to help you get them.

Complete Procurement Service

Requisition System

Quotation Management

Purchase Orders


Commitment Accrual

Invoice Matching

Supplies payment

Financial Reporting

Selective Procurement Service

Customised to Owner’s preference

Contracts by product:
- lube oils
- paints
- gases and chemicals
- spare parts
- general stores only

Procurement solutions the way YOU want them

– customised approval procedures,
supplier selection and financial reporting

Visibility & control
– 100% financial visibility and
transparency, enjoy better pricing while retaining
full control of purchasing decisions

If you have marine equipment for sale or available for charter, list with us today or give us a call. We will help you find the right opportunity for your equipment.