Positionally, with our network in inland waterways (even with the commencement of the dredging of parts of the River Niger) opportunities and prospects abound using all manners of Barges, Tankers and Boats including ferries and Workboats.

Already, the Coastal and Inland Shipping (Carbotage) Act of 2003 has technically restricted operations of this mode of transportation to the hands of Nigerians.

Some of the opportunities include:

1.        Wet and Dry Cargo Transportation.   While this is very popular and viable in the Niger Delta especially for the oil field activities and towns and locations around them, more cargo at cheaper and faster rate can be moved through our rivers.  Thus, raw factory materials, finished products, construction materials like cement, crushed rocks, rods etc. and even timber and farm produce can easily be moved along most major rivers all year round.  Already, movement of petroleum products using tankers and fuel barges is gaining popularity with development of tank farms along waterfronts of major cities in the country.

2.        Boat Building and Repair yard.
3.        River ports and jetties development to aid passengers and cargo handling.
4.        Integration of the Inland Waterways into an efficient intermodal transportation system can fast track movement of cargoes from the seaport to the hinterland.