Members of the MEOLAN organization are some of the major Marine / Maritime companies that operate within and outside the West African Waters. And have the capacity to guarante Marine and Maritime Equipments and services both within Nigeria and different areas of Africa.

These are a complete list of all MEOLAN members, their company Profiles and Website, find time to study about each company to know the exact company that can meet your Marine Business needs completely. Any company not listed here is not a member of the MEOLAN organization. Always refer back to this list before you engage with people or companies who claim to have good leasable equipments because the organization helps ensure you recieve the services you have contracted to any member of the organization their by protecting the clients as the needs arise.


Habour Masters Limited Habour Masters Jetty Ukukalama, Fimie, Abuloma, Port Harcourt

Dan Harry Nig Ltd Abuloma Base,Trans-Amadi Industrial, Port Harcourt DAN HARRY PROFILE
Shoreline Ltd

10b King Perekule GRA Phase II, Port Harcourt

Sege Marine PW Yard Abuloma Jetty Port Harcourt SEGE MARINE PROFILE -
Marine Entrance Nigeria Limited MARINE ENTRANCE PROFILE  
Akpos Marine Ltd

Ali Jetty Complex Abuloma, Abuloma, Port Harcourt,

Leonse International Ltd -
Elshcon Nigeria Limited  - 
Lumbegh Services Limited - -
Bas Marine Offshore Nig. Ltd. - -
Lolomari & Company Nig. Ltd. - -
Fiala Marine Services - -
Clanson Comm. Ent. Nig. Ltd            

- -
Winsko Serves Limited                        - -
Gajbon Marine Services Ltd - -
    - -
Mabisel Trading & Construction,

- -
The Palmas Company Limited  thepalm - -
Jahcon International Limited -
Stendo Venture Limited - -
Thom-Charles Marine Services - -
Cle-Parrina International Limited - -
General   Inter Trade      
El-Totuoma International Services Limited -
  Homeland Integrated Offshore Nigeria Limited


- -
Bensam Nigeria Limited - - -
Icekel Worldwisde Solution Limited - - -
Bradoe Marine Services Limited   bradoemarinenigltd@gmail - -
Jeftex Marine Services Limited - - -
Egor Integrated Services Limited,

- -
Atlanticwaves integrated Services Limited
- -
Fleet Offshore Global maritime Services Limited - -
Machuks Marine Limited    - - -
Ideke Shipping Limited,

Shabazz International - -
TNJ (WA) Limited - -
Strano Line Limited

- -
Aku Marine & Gas Limited   - -
Patos Multi Links Limited    
Rockwealth Oil & Gas Development - -
Ideki Services Limited - -
Dabel Resources Ventures Limited - -
Hollifield Industry Limited - -
Ari Marine Services Limitd Anchor-Maric Nigeria Limited - -
Owens Marine Limited,

Emma Bibi Marine Services - - -