MEOLAN Companies own and manage over 200 Barges and Tug boats and also provide management services for dry bulk barge affreightments and charters.

MEOLAN has the resources and brokerage relationships to bring interested parties together for buying, selling or leasing barges and other maritime equipment. We promote a company culture that encourages trust and high ethical standards. Personal integrity is paramount to MEOLAN, and we believe this commitment is the core to our solid long-term business relationships. Being focused on this belief ensures that we conduct business with all our customers in a principled and honest manner. This philosophy helps us maintain a strong, reliable reputation for our company in the marine industry.

Everyday, MEOLAN Companies interact with numerous companies and people in various segments of the inland marine industry giving our team a broad overview of the inland marine industry. We know the industry-related markets, regulations, and current barge equipment available. We offer Barges for sale or lease including: Deck barges, hopper barges, spud barges and quarters barges. We have an extensive list of push boats and tugs as well as off-shore vessels, ABS barges, tank barges and cranes. Different types of dredgers, Tugboats, Sea Rafts, Whatever your maritime project or the freight to be moved, we know what it takes to keep your business moving.
We serves as a facilitator in bringing together sellers and buyers of marine equipment but does not act as an agent for either party. Information regarding equipment has been provided by the seller and has not been independently verified by HBM. Potential buyers are advised to verify the condition of equipment and the accuracy of all information relating to such equipment prior to making a purchase. Pricing and availability is subject to change without the owners notifying HBM.

If you have marine equipment for sale or available for charter, list with us today or give us a call. We will help you find the right opportunity for your equipment.