MEOLAN means Marine Equipment Owners and Leasing Association of Nigeria. The organization is made up of corporate organizations throughout Nigeria who Own, Lease, Build, Maintain or Operate Marine Equipments
MEOLAN was formed in 2009, it is an organization of very serious minded Professionals that aims to provide hitch free maritime services.
Building sustainable wealth for all stakeholders by creating awareness for and pursuing the opportunities that exist in the Maritime Industry.


To be the platform for pursuit of full capacity building and utilization for the indeginous equipment operators


Corporate governace
Enviromental responsibility
Safety Complaint

MEOLAN and Local Content Policy
The Organization is a strong believer and promoter of the local policy of the Federal government of Nigeria


he Objectives of MEOLAN includes but not limited to the following

  • To represent its members in all matters of common interestat all levels o government, regulatory bodies and other institutions
  • To provide a platform for dialogue, discussion and policy formulation among members and other stakeholders in the industry
  • Promote the growth, development and achievement if the goals of local content policy initiatives of the Federal Government.
  • Partner with government at all levels and other authorized local institutions to ensure compliance to fiscal laws while strictly eradicating multiple and illegal taxation and extortion in the industry
  • Pursue stakeholders compliance to the existing environmental laws while promoting its sustainability
  • To promote co-operation and mutual assistance among members.
  • To stand as a symbol of corporate integrity, professionalism and service excellence in the Maritime Industry
  • To gather, analyze and share relevant information via journals and other media on the development and events in the industry
  • To pursue the principals of collective bargaining on behalf of members
  • Partner with organizations and financial institutions (local and foreign) to create opportunities, access and commercial exposure for its members.